Believe the hell will rise, when all what we do is to despise / The scent will bring all these flies, which fly around our dead eyes

Witnesses, the horses of doom / Mankind will weep / The last days we count / Death comes around


Genocidal warfare - Sodomizes heaven - Never-ceasing madness - Mutilating freedom

Believe the world set ablaze, when all what we do is to erase / The dawn will bring no more youth / Dystopia, the inevitable truth

Witnesses, the horses of doom / Mankind will die / The last ones hit ground, seven billion amount


Genocidal warfare - Sodomizes heaven - Empires of madness - Mutilating freedom

I won't give in and see how those Hitlers win / I choose to subsist / I choose to campaign

No Bloodwar - no soulless omnivore / No bloodwar - leads us to freedom



We grow in knowledge and technology, science but never in sagacity / we are still sucking mothers breasts only for the corporation's profit

In deep waters our souls imprisoned (deep waters rising)

from deep waters our soil polluted (deep waters rising)

The systemized torture machinery, not of human figures, but of minds / Sadisms of postmodern societies impregnated by our all brutality / Waves of armageddon gorging every animal / Smiling business men

screw familiar whores / You've raped the oceans and fucked the planet dead / Materialism the new shrine / Oil circulates, pumping the black hearts

Enormous desks the new altars / Money circulates, pumping the gilded veins



Wir alle sind Massenmörder!

Born in cages with poison crammed / thousand bodies with corpes beside / People disguise that they rob lives / Flames embrace me / refused felicity

You say you have compassion but killing is your passion, your vocation: Violation! Greed for power, sensual hunger / A golden dome over feces no real home

You should follow - times of sorrow / You know it - the clandestine - extinction - Life is fading

Merciless - camouflaged - genocide - Torture's calling

You will follow - Times of sorrow - Life is worthless - Slaughter's calling / I oppose your holocaust!



We feel it again, the impact of the bombs / A nation fears its spawn - all become insane

Slowly rotting rights / Civilians' deadly strikes / The unions seperating - all sick of controlling

Cry loud, believe nothing, escape, reclaim freedom / We sacrifice our liberty for a canting security  

We fear it again, a demising morality, living totalitarian / Police kills egality

Terror makes us safe / A new world digs its grave / Machinegun's liberty / I know you profane messiahs



I swallow all their lies - Cruel landlords I despise / The tyrants of our land - will feel the force I send / Empires of madness - were built by serpents / Empires of daftness - will topple by our hands

In my kingdom I lead the weak to freedom, equality / No sorrow (no anguish) will I seed - Humble I reign 

In my kingdom / the murder of serpents, a leader of a new hope

I crawl through all your knives for authoritarians demise / The hypocrisy of fathers expires like commands of mothers / Empires of madness - will fall by our hands / Empires of daftness - perished by our infants

In this kingdom we lead the weak to freedom, equality / No distress will we seed - Humble we reign a kingless kingdom - MOSH!!!



"Haben Sie schonmal jemandem den Kopf abgesägt?"

My obsession is cutting heads to make it good before my mother's dead / I'm a needy looser on their sunlit earth but the blood and fleshmaster in my chainsaw world

I will rule the world with the perfect head, with the perfect death / Her demise I use, my ratio I'll loose, her corpse I abuse

Suppurated eyes and rotten hands, busty breasts I can't forget / Conserved in fluid to show you all, this my message, red will overflow

Tess! - I am Tess! Her demise I use, mercy I refuse, her skin I choose / I found my girl in flame with me, no sex at all but blood on me

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